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            A.         To sell & take the “tax hit” it might generate?
           B.         Not to sell for fear of the “tax hit”?
           C.         Can I move my current property into a similar type property using a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange? Do I need to find a property to exchange into first?
           D.         Can I move my farm property into investment property(s) (or vice versa), using a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange?
While these questions are being debated within Farm Families having long held properties, there is ongoing, political discussion to drastically modify or limit Tax Deferred Exchanges. What will “our” politicians do? Is there any chance they will keep it as it is?
1.  Will “our” politicians take the path wherein the choices for Owners become only A or B?
2.  Will they pile on so much legislation as to effectively eliminate Owners choices C &/or D?
History has shown 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, through the movement of capital, to be a key player in creating millions of jobs and keeping our nation strong.  Is there political will to continue strengthening our country?  Or towards the short sighted tax gains created by 1 & 2?  
As of Q-3, 2014, options A thru D were still available.
GINTER & BROWN Farm & Orchard has been involved in 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges since the 1970’s, led the Nor-Cal 1031 Tax Deferred Real Estate Group for over 30 years & are Founding Members of C.A.R.A., an independent group of Northern Calif. Realtors dedicated to farm sales & exchanges. At GINTER & BROWN Farm & Orchard we work hand in hand with your personal Tax Advisors and various Tax Intermediaries to help you find the best solutions. 
Some examples of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges in which we have been involved:
Rice Ranch for 30,000SF, leased office Bldg in Washington--Butte County CA. land for leased commercial bldg. in Placer County CA--Almond/Walnut orchard for leased commercial bldg. in Sacramento County CA--Various farms/orchards for larger farms/orchards & Mini Storage Units
If you are contemplating selling or exchanging your current property, please contact us. After a review of your property & situation we will provide you, in confidence, with honest, professional responses to your questions then help you to your goals whether a sale or exchange of your property.
We have and continue to work with Local, National & International Buyers & Sellers.

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